International Patient Care Services

Services & Facilities

Vedic Lifecare introduces a 12 hour day care facility with the help of a wide range of the state-of-the-art facility with the latest medical equipment accompanied with a vastly skilled team of medical professionals. Vedic Lifecare takes healthcare provision to a different, higher level as it runs along the tried and tested clinical expertise of Manipal Hospital Bangalore, in India .Our International Patient care department offers you the complete range of services, from the time that you send us your enquiry till the time that you are back home, well again.
Vedic Lifecare’s technical partner, Manipal Hospitals has always been in the forefront when it comes to providing quality services and facilities to its patients since five decades. No doubt it is now the third largest healthcare group in India with 15 hospitals and 3 primary clinics in a single network. The driving force behind our success is the ability to assimilate modern medical technologies and the presence of a highly developed medical infrastructure built to international standards.
Facilities include specialized departments for treating every medical condition with the latest equipment. And manning all these facilities are some of the world’s best known doctors and competent paramedical personnel. With 56 specialties under one roof, Manipal Hospitals is amongst the most comprehensive healthcare service providers in the world.

Consultation Services

You will be required to share your medical history and recent reports for the initial assessment. If you have your details in any standard Electronic Health Record System you can share the same. We will review your medical reports and advice you on the treatment plan and arrange for necessary pre treatment test to be done at our hospital. We will be glad to assist you with any information that you might want to know about our hospital, facilities, doctors, procedure details or any other clarification regarding you stay in India.

Please write to us at or call us at +2348122189740. We respond to your questions quickly and comprehensively.

Financial information and counseling

We understand that in order to plan your medical travel you need to have a good estimate of the cost of treatment and duration of stay in India. We will assist you with approximate estimate with the treatment plan and length of hospitalization required.

Visa Assistance

Once you decide to go to our hospital for treatment, please do send us your passport details of both patient and attendant to get visa invitation letter for you to apply for the medical visa.

To apply for Medical visa you can visit
If you are travelling to India for treatment you will be granted “Medical Visa” and your attendant will be granted a "Medical Attendant Visa".
We will provide you information on the process and documents required to file your medical visa and assist you in getting medical visa.

Travel Assistance

We will provide assistance with booking of air tickets and other necessary travel arrangements.

Upon arrival at hospital

Accommodation at hospital

Upon your confirmation on the date of arrival, we will arrange for the airport pickup facility (Either an ambulance / ICU Ambulance or a private vehicle) based on the patient’s medical condition. You would be greeted at the Airport by a representative of the Manipal International Patient care team and escorted to Guest house/ hotel booked as per your choice.( In general you can find accommodation in India with a wide range of facilities and prices (25USD to 200 USD/day)

During Hospital Stay

You will be assigned a Care Coordinator at the hospital at the time of hospitalization and discharge, thus ensuring smooth processing and a hassle-free admission/discharge. The care coordinator will .provide complete information on the pre & post treatment procedures, assist in scheduling appointments with Doctor, arrange for OPD consultation and provide complete assistance during hospitalization process.
We will regularly follow up with our doctors regarding your treatment process and health status and with you during your hospital stay to ensure comfort and address any concerns.

Follow-Up Services

We will periodically follow up with you on your health status after reaching home country. You can stay in touch with our doctors through phone call/ tele-consultation or clarification through email in case you need any medical advice.
Get your fresh reports reviewed periodically.
If required, you can request for medication to be purchased from India.