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Know about Vedic Lifecare Clinic

Vedic Lifecare Clinic has been set up in Nigeria with the objective of enhancing the standard and providing quality healthcare. Established with clinical and management support from Manipal Health Enterprises (MHE), it is a first-of-its-kind medical facility in this region.


Vedic Lifecare Clinic offers the wide range of advanced healthcare services

The clinic offers a range of advanced healthcare curative, preventive, wellness and aesthetic services, all under one roof. The services are customised basis each individual's lifestyle and family medical history. This clinic reiterates MHE's commitment to provide advanced yet affordable healthcare services in all locations wherever a MHE entity is present.


Offers best medical expertise

Vedic Lifecare Clinic operates on the lines of Manipal Care and Cure (MCC), a multispecialty neighbourhood polyclinic and a widely accepted model of healthcare services in India. It houses the latest diagnostic equipment and offers the best medical expertise to its 'guests' in the region.