Facilities at VEDIC LIFECARE

Vedic Lifecare introduces a 24 hours hospital service with the help of a wide range of the state-of-the-art facility with the latest medical equipment accompanied with a vastly skilled team of medical professionals. Vedic Lifecare Hospital is deeply committed to the highest standards of excellence in medical care. At the same time we place a lot of importance on the traditional values of hospitality and compassionate patient care. Our primary concern is to ensure that your health and comfort receives special attention and that you are given the best possible care once you enter our hospital. In the region, Vedic Lifecare takes healthcare provision to a different, higher level as it runs along the tried and tested clinical expertise of Manipal Hospital Bangalore, in India.

Our services and specialties include:

Women's health (Gynecology) Child care (Pediatric care)
Ear, nose and throat care (Otolaryngology) Heart care (Cardiology)
Liver and Digestive disorders (Gastroenterology) Bone care (Orthopedic)
Radiology (CT, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound) Physiotherapy
Eye care (Optometry/Ophthalmology) Nutrition and Dietetics
Dental care (Dentistry) Diagnostics & Lab
Kidney care (Dialysis- Nephrology) Telemedicine & Teleradiology
Intensive care (ICU & NICU) Operating Theater (Major and Minor Surgeries)