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Vedic Lifecare has been set up with the objective of enhancing the standard and quality of healthcare in Nigeria. Established with clinical and management support from ManipalHospitals, it is a first-of-its-kind medical facility in this region. The facility offers a range of advanced healthcare curative, preventive, wellness and aesthetic services, all under one roof.

Vedic Lifecare is aligned with Manipal Hospitals in its philosophy of its three core values - Clinical Excellence, Guest Centricity, and Ethical Practices.

Clinical Excellence: As Vedic Lifecare’s technical partner, Manipal Hospitals brings to Nigeria a wealth of experience and excellence that spans across 5 decades, 15 hospitals, and 5000+ beds. Manipal Hospitals is a responsible and trusted healthcare provider in Asia today.

Guest Centricity: At Vedic Lifecare, our patients are our guests. We follow a total ‘guest first’ approach at all times and always strive to serve the guest’s needs first and foremost. We believe that revolving our facility around the guest experience is the basis of developing a strong trust and eventually bond with our guests.

Ethical Practices: We believe that ethical practices start from our moral responsibility for the enhancement of human life and to the trust that our guests grant us with.

Chairman's message

They say, you are known to be blessed in life when you are in good health and have good senses. Healthcare, in recent times, has been identified as one the major responsibilities by almost all the developing nations around the world and are taking every effort to improve the basic health care system and its key indicators. The fact that one of the most important aspects of national security is to ensure impeccable healthcare system with adequate provision of timely medical care and complete monitoring, tracking and control of infectious disease outbreaks cannot be denied.

chairman Sir.(Dr.)Mike Okiro.CFR, NPM, MNI,IGP

Nigeria in particular and in Africa as a whole, over the years has faced many instances of severe disease outbreaks and has identified the need to tackle this problem. The poorly developed healthcare system with no adequate and functional surveillance system and lack of availability of quality medical facilities in Nigeria needs attention. Given this condition of the healthcare scenario in the country, the government here as now taken initiatives to bring about strategic changes in the system and has also introduced influential healthcare stakeholders who would assist in exploring the issues in healthcare and identify solutions that are designed to meet the needs of the patients and not of doctors and significant others. With the aim to care with compassion and not let anyone get deprived of basic healthcare needs, we are now focusing on creating a new matrix of challenges to build a strong healthcare system for the country and the continent as a whole.

Increased attention is being paid to ensure improved and affordable patient care, availability of necessary drugs as well as medical equipment and to introduce the good quality of healthcare technology and medical expertise not only in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole.

Not just a healthcare centre, but we aim to provide the country with hard-working healers, the god-sent saints and progressive technology for the people of Nigeria. Being associated with such renowned healthcare providers in India has given us the opportunity to introduce newer and better practices in healthcare.

Being a mixed economy country, providers of healthcare in Nigeria are mainly the private players who play a visible role in healthcare delivery. Vedic Lifecare Clinic has been set up in Nigeria with the objective of enhancing the standard and providing quality healthcare. Established with clinical, technological and management support from Manipal Hospitals based in India, it is a first-of-its-kind medical facility in this region and will emerge as a strong support to Nigerian Government to become a part of sustainable development that the nation is striving for. Vedic Lifecare Clinic operates on the lines of a multi-specialty neighbourhood polyclinic and a widely accepted model of healthcare services in India.

The clinic offers a range of advanced healthcare curative, preventive, wellness and aesthetic services, all under one roof. The services are customized basis each individuals lifestyle and family medical history and reiterates Manipal Hospitals' commitment to provide advanced yet affordable healthcare services in all locations wherever their entity is present.

With Vedic Lifecare Clinic, we ensure that the population of Nigeria and Lagos will be offered quality healthcare at affordable prices, superior medical consultations and services as well as a self-sustained medical facility.

With a strong commitment to uplift the quality of healthcare in Nigeria in particular and the African region, we have partnered with Manipal Hospitals, one of India's leading healthcare providers in the Indian subcontinent, known for delivering high standards of clinical care, ethically and with a focus on patient care and at affordable rates.
- Sir. (Dr.) Mike Okiro. CFR, NPM, MNI, IGP (Retired)
Chairman, Vedic Lifecare.


“A world class network of healthcare establishments in Africa”
Our vision is to be a leading healthcare provider of healthcare in Africa by creating a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system using the most advanced medical skills and technology available combined with compassionate guest care.


Our mission is to bring world-class health care standards within the reach of every individual at the affordable cost. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in healthcare for the benefit of humanity.

Quality Statement

We provide patient centric and ethical healthcare with empathy by clinical excellence. We intend to meet the expectations of our valuable guests and deliver excellence in all our services through a well-trained team. We will ensure that our actions reflect that we are truly 'HEALING YOURSELF'.

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